Syed Sabih Uddin Rehmani
Naat Reciter / Poet / Writer / Research Scholar
Founder & Secretary General, Naat Research Centre


Syed Sabihuddin Sabih Rehmani is a renowned name in the field of Na’at broadcaster from Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. His Naat has been admired and appreciated beyond the boundaries on the globe of... Read more

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Syed Sabihuddin Rehmani is a renowned name in the field of Naat recitation, poetry and research.

A melodious voice, deep understanding of poetry and the true love for the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu 'Alaiahi wa aalihi wa sallam), when combined, is what makes a successful Naat Khwan.

Syed Sabihuddin Rehmani is one such blessed soul who is loved and admired by Naat listeners all over the world and respected by Naat Community. He is an iconic figure and a role model to Naat Khwans for younger generation.

He is a also an authority on Naat. His extensive academic research has made it possible to establish 'Na'at' as a distinct genre for the first time in the history of Urdu Literature. He has inspired many academics to pursue Naat research in a dedicated manner.

Sabih Rehmani was born on June 27, 1965 at Karachi. He has dedicated his life to Urdu Naat for the last three decades. His contribution towards the treasure of Urdu Naat is simply incredible. The spectrum of his services is broad. He has initiated extensive research work to establish ‘Na’at’ as a genre for the first time in the history of Urdu literature. He has also inspired many people to do research work on a variety of Na’at dimensions in different institutes. He is pioneer member of ARY's Religious TV channel ARY QTV. Research and publication is his passion, he is giving his services as Secretary-General for Naat research center science 1994 and rendering qualitative research work on Naat being published in various languages of the world.

He has also served as the Senior Manager Planning, Research and P.R for ARY QTV till 2010. His genius for talent hunt for the up and coming Naat Khwan and the quality assurance of the streaming Islamic content solidified his position among his peers in the Television Networks. He is currently working in collaboration with several renowned institutes to further promote Naat, and further encourage the development of literary criticism and ethics of Naat Recitation.


  1. MA in Urdu Literature from University of Karachi


Naat Rang

Naat Rang is a regular Urdu Book series, dedicated solely to Naat poetry and literature. Naat Rang Started as bi-annual book series in 1995, now it’s being published regularly on every quarterly interval. With its origin in Karachi – Pakistan, it is circulated worldwide specially in the region where Urdu is spoken and understood at large including India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, Canada and US etc. It has earned government acknowledgement both at national as well as international level for its unique role in Urdu Literature.

Naatia Poetry Collection

  1. ‘Maah-e-Taiba’ first collection of his Naatia Poetry published in 1989.
  2. ‘Jada-e-Rehmat’ second collection of his Naatia poetry published by Mumtaz Publishers in 1993.

Translation of Poetry Collection

  1. “Reverence onto his feet” By Sarah Kazmi, 2009, 2012
  2. “Jada-e-Rehmat” By Justice Dr. Munir Ahmed Mughal, 2009

Compilation by Sabih Rehmani

  1. ‘Aiwan-e-Na’at’, (Naat Collection) 1993.
  2. ‘Jamal-e-Mustafa’ (Naat Collection) 1993.
  3. ‘Naat Nagar Ka Bassi’ 2008.
  4. ‘Ghalib Aour Sana-e-Khawaja’ 2009.
  5. ‘Urdu Naat Mai Tajaliyat-e-Seerat’ 2015.
  6. ‘Dr Aziz Ehsan Aur Mutaliaat e Naat’ 2015.
  7. ‘Urdu Naat Ki Shairi Riwayat’ 2016.
  8. ‘Midhat Naama’ 2016.
  9. ‘Pakistani Zabanon Mai Naat’ 2017.
  10. ‘Kalaam e Raza: Fikri O Fanni Zaaviye’ 2017.
  11. ‘Kulliyat e Aziz Ehsan’ 2017.
  12. ‘Iqbal Ki Naat Fikri O Usloobiyati Mutalia’ 2018.
  13. ‘Kalam e Mohsin Kakorvi Fikri O Adabi Jihaat’ 2018.
  14. ‘Urdu Hamd Ki Sheri Riwayat, 2018.

Dissertations on Sabih Rehmani

  1. “Sabih Rehmani ki shakhsiyat aor Fan ka Tehqeeqi aor Tanqeedi jaiza” By Ayesha Naz, 2011, University of Karachi
  2. “Sabih Rehmani Ba’haisyat Naat Nigar” By Sajida Iqbal,2011, G.C University Faisalabad

Books Published on Sabih Rehmani

  1. “Jadah-e-Rehmat ka Musafir” by Dr. Hasrat Kasangjuwi”, 2008
  2. “Mujallah Safeer-e-Naat” (Sabih Rehmani Number) by Dr. Hasrat Kasangjuwi”, 2009
  3. “Fan-e-idariyah Naweesi aor Naat Rang” by Dr Afzal Ahmed Anwer, 2010

Magazine Editor

  1. Mujallah Lailatul Naat, Karachi , 1987
  2. Ieqan international center, Karachi, 1992
  3. Mujallah Naat Rang, 1995

Letters to Sabih Rehmani

  1. ‘Naat Aur Aadab-e-Naat’ by Allama Kaukab Nurani. (Collection of his letters written to him.)
  2. ‘Naat Naamay’ by Dr. Sohail Shafique. (Collection of many letters by different personalities.)


  1. Sabih Rehmani Received Quaid-e-Azam Youth Award in 1993, and “Best Performance Award” from Radio Pakistan Karachi in 1995.
  2. Sabih has also conferred National Seerat Award in praise of Naat Rang 2004 and in 2013 he received National Seerat Award again in praise of Naat Rang.
  3. He received Canada Award 2002 in praise of his poetic activities, First Award from Sindh Government in 2007 on the acknowledgement of Hamd Khawani.
  4. He received excellence award in 2000 and creative poet Award in 2006   from the government of Canada, got Europak Award in 2007 from Europak Innsbruck, Austria. Customized to the unique literary taste and mood of Naat lovers, it is admired immensely among a wide spectrum of Urdu readers who represent a cross section of interests and ideas.
  5. Best Performance Award, Radio Pakistan Karachi , 1995.
  6. Seerat Award in praise of Naat Rang, 2013
  7. First Award from Sindh Government on Hamd Khawani, 2007
  8. Creative poet Award from the government of Canada, in 2006
  9. Europak Award from Europak Innsbruck, Austria, 2007
  10. Tamgha e Imtiaz (Award of Excellence) from the State of Pakistan, 2018.

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